About the Event

If you are contemplating or experiencing retirement, you might be asking yourself the question, “How am I going to spend my time in a meaningful way?”

That’s why we created the “Ignite Your Life” Talk Show, an innovative online event helping baby boomers explore new opportunities to give meaning to their lives. Streaming live on March 12 at 1pm (CST) from Valparaiso University, the event will offer fresh perspectives and inspired approaches to retirement, addressing the many dimensions of creative and active aging.

About Ignite Your Life

In partnership with Lutheran Social Services of New York, the Ammerman Center for Creative Aging launched the Ignite Your Life initiative in order to serve and educate people 50 and beyond by celebrating the aging process. The program is designed to create a national network supporting baby boomers as they leverage their skills and talents to create meaningful personal growth. We’re hoping to inspire people to find that special calling that will enrich their lives in their encore years.

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